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Contact SOS Water Heater in Pasadena, TX, to benefit from expert service. We are a reputable name for performing water heater repair. Are there unusual noises from the water heater, such as bangs, pops, or even hissing? A pool of water is left underneath the water-heating unit when there is a leak. Whatever we can help.

By turning on a faucet, the water is discovered to remain cold indefinitely, or there is a sharp fall for hot water! Got hot water, but not enough to use daily? The heater's water is running much hotter than usual! The water is emitting musty odors. We can solve all these hot water heater issues in Pasadena TX.

Solving All Water Heater Models Problems

All of these problems will be quickly resolved for the residents of Pasadena, Texas, thanks to SOS Water Heater Pasadena TX, which offers a wide range of hot water heater repair services that address all of these system problems, regardless of the manufacturer or model. We handle all issues with tank/tankless water heaters that use gas/electric coils with 20 or 50 gallons.

Our heater repair services include a wide range of problems, such as rusty or black water, no hot water, reduced hot water, unusual sounds, long recovery time, the pilot light not staying lit, low water pressure, leaks from the top or bottom, too hot water, and strange smells coming from the heater. Moreover, we help residential and commercial water heaters.

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Replacement Water Heater Is Easy For US

Sometimes water heater replacement will be chosen over expensive repairs even though the heater won't work again, undermining our objective to provide our Pasadena, Texas customers with a functional unit that will run without problems. Hence, if you suggest getting a new water heater, be sure we are the proper choice based on fantastic experience that goes back more than 15 years in Pasadena, TX.

We can assist you in selecting the ideal unit to suit your family's usage. Give SOS Water Heater, Pasadena, TX a call. We frequently put off thinking about the maintenance of our water heating systems. Yet it's important to maintain such machines operational. Like any appliance, the system needs to be properly maintained in order to last as long as feasible.


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